family week 2013

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Come Together

Chances are, your family knows what it’s like to be pulled in all different directions. That’s why we want to invite your family to set aside the week of June 24-28 to come together, and share an experience that will help everyone in your family grow closer to each other, to others, and to God.

Dangerous Journey

Prison, Shipwrecks, Earthquakes and Angry Mobs! That’s what Paul had to face when God called him to share the message of Jesus with the whole world.

This summer, time travel with Paul back to Ancient Athens. Learn about his jaw-dropping experiences, visit the marketplace and play in the arena games!

As you do, you’ll experience God’s love and discover that following Jesus is an adventure!

Dangerous Journey is designed for families to experience together. Children may participate without their parents, but parents are strongly encouraged to experience the week with their kids!

Monday – Thursday Schedule

6:00Dangerous Journey (ages 4 to adult)
Nursery (ages 0-3)

Friday Schedule

5:30Family Picnic
BBQ, Swimming Pool, Lawn Games, and more!
7:00Closing Ceremonies

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family week 2013
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