LIFE Groups are about Living In Faith Everyday. During the year, we have weeknight Life Groups and Spiritual Growth Groups for 6-8 weeks at a time.  We gather to learn more about the Bible, understand our gifts, grow in character and learn parenting, marriage and other skills. Please take a moment to browse through the groups below.  If you have any questions at all, I would love to connect with you!


                                                 Registration is open for Pastor Joe's class; sign-up deadline is Wednesday, May 5. Class starts Wednesday, May 12.


In his winter session 'Exploring Christian Doctrine,' Pastor Joe led participants through six different doctrines, giving careful attention to the biblical support and theological formulation of each topic under consideration, as well as covering some important historical disagreements between various Christian denominations. 

In Processing Christian Doctrine, participants will review four doctrines/topics covered in Exploring Christian Doctrine-the doctrine of Scripture, the doctrine of God, the doctrine of humanity, with special attention given to human depravity and what this means for salvation. Lastly, we will discuss election and predestination. The structure of the class is as follows: We will review what we learned in Exploring Christian Doctrine, and then ask three questions: 1) What were you taught previously about this doctrine/topic? 2) How is what you heard in Exploring Christian Doctrine different from what you were taught? 3) What further questions do you have? How can we process this together?
Everyone is invited to join this class, even if you have not taken Exploring Christian Doctrine. There will be a light overview of the topic before discussing questions and having a conversation on the topic of the evening. 
Class will be held at Crossroads Campus with limited spaces; masks required and social-distanced seating. If you need child care contact Colleen Nasman by May 10. Class is taught by Pastor Joe Romeo.


We take a survey after our Life Groups to make sure that we are meeting our goals for Connecting and Growing in faith at Crossroads.  Our survey respondants stated that:

"I connected with others on a deeper level" 96%
"I felt supported by my group" 100%
"I felt comfortable sharing about myself in the group" 87%
"I grew spiritually" 100%
"I made a change in my life because of the group experience" 96%


  • I felt very comfortable in my group.  Great facilitator.  It was uplifting to experience the diversity of scripture and to discuss it openly. 
  • This helps me feel like church is happening all week long. 
  • I admire the facilitators because it was clear they put a lot of work into preparation for the presentations.  They  gave so much information and insights.  They did a great job!
  • I love the Christ family connection in addition to Sundays. 
  • I got to know others on a deeper level. 
  • The wide variety of courses always makes it difficult to choose just one. 
  • I really appreciate sharing time with fellow Christians and that they all wanted to know me better. 


LIFE Group Participants